The truth is, I’ve always loved photography and it has been my greatest passion. 


As a child and teenager, I could be found sitting in the living room, spending hours looking through the photo albums that my parents kept, many of which were passed down from my grandparents. In the pages of those albums, I learned about my family history, saw my parents as a young couple and was reminded of the big and small moments from my childhood.


It was during a trip to Southeast Asia in my second year of university that I fell in love with photographing people and documenting stories. While my classmates were taking snapshots of the scenery and buildings I found myself drawn to the people and stories that were unfolding around me. 


Being a wedding and family photographer was never my plan; it’s a profession that chose me. I know this sounds so cheesy but it's the only explanation. Looking back on my life and on the past 10 years - reflecting on so many other parts of my life and the path that lead me here, I can see so clearly that this was what I was always meant to be doing. 



I am not the type of photographer who will just show up to take photos and tell you to say cheese. Our relationship is more than a business transaction. Working closely with you and taking a collaborative approach to your photo session or wedding day photography is important to me, and this approach creates the best conditions for creating authentic images that document those you love and the moments you share together. 


Love is love, and this is a safe place for yours. I continually work to educate myself to be a better ally and the learning will never cease because I am committed to creating and sustaining a safe space for you to express your committed love. Because all human beings are created equal and free to love regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion or ability.


Being photographed is a vulnerable experience for couples and families alike. Creating images for others that capture the intimacy of your love and life is also a vulnerable task. This is why it is so important that our collaboration is founded on trust. The more we trust each other, the more vulnerable we can be with each other and the better I can create images that you will love.

Land Acknowledgement: I  acknowledge that I live and create on the traditional and unceded territory of the Peskotomuhkati (Passamaquoddy) people covered by the Treaties of Peace and Friendship.


I am my parent's youngest child and only daughter. I always thought I looked like my Dad and his family but looking at this portrait of my Mother, I see a strong resemblance to her. I love how photographs can help us see ourselves in a new light. 

I have a photograph of my nephew Maxwell when he was two years old with the exact same pouty expression as his Dad (my brother Marshall) has in this photo.

Pringle Family 1978.jpeg


Over the past ten years I've had the honour of having my wedding photography work published and featured in a number of print and online publications.


Here are a few of my greatest achievements. 

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2018 Best of Wedding & Engagement Collec
Shannon-May is truly one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. Her personality is infectious and beautiful. Along with all of these amazing traits, her photography is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen and her work ethic is outstanding. If you are looking for a wedding photographer then choose Shannon-May, trust me it will be the best decision you made!
- Eva Chernoff, 2019
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