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Preserve Your Moments That Matter

prints / gallery boards / photo books

fine art albums / wall canvases / framed prints

These are just a few ways to enjoy your photographs in print and preserve them for future generations.



Prints Matter

they never become obsolete

Photographs are meant to be printed, displayed, and preserved. Photos that live on a device are subject to loss because technologies become obsolete and cannot be passed down from generation to generation.


This is why I believe in the importance of providing all of my clients with high-quality printed products.

Whether you've hired me for your wedding or to document your family, I include album or print credits as an inherent part of every photography experience I provide.

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Where to Print
Your Images

Choosing the right company to develop your photographs requires the same thought and intention that goes into choosing your photographer.  And, the very best choice when it comes to printing your images is to work with your photographer because only I can offer the best quality.


My photographs look their best when developed by the companies I have chosen to work with because I worked closely with my labs to make sure of this.


Printing photos that will live on your walls for decades and having a custom album that will not fade, warp, or fall apart requires some upfront investment.


These products are a lifetime investment that you will never regret.

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Wedding Albums

a family heirloom custom made for you

An album is a thoughtful narrative of your entire wedding day presented in a very tangible way.


It is something to hold in your hands while you sit on the couch with your kids and retell the events of your wedding day. Your kids will laugh at the hairstyles and marvel at how young you were.

An album is also the very best way to archive your wedding photographs. Digital files are great, but technology is constantly changing and who knows what it will be like 30 years from now.

Each album designed and delivered by Shannon-May Photography is custom and one of a kind, just for you. Our albums are of the highest quality and made to last.

Keep reading to learn about our albums and the design process as well as other available products.

Album Options

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We just received the wedding album. It looks so good! Annie and I went through it page by page, and we relived that day by looking at each moment you captured. I imagine myself opening this book and telling our kids and grandkids the stories of our wedding.

Thank you so much for your hard work.




The Design Process

A lot of collaboration and time goes into creating a custom album design for you.


You'll select your must-have images. 


I'll send the final design to the artisans who will make your album by hand.


I'll design an initial layout and send it to you to review.


Your album will arrive at my studio where I will check it over to make sure it's perfect. 


We'll meet over Zoom to discuss changes and pick your cover.


I package and ship your album to you.


My retoucher will polish the images so that they are print perfect. 


You receive your album, show it to your family and friends, and cherish your images forever.




personal art for the walls of you home

"An image is only a photograph after it's been printed."

I work with the best print lab in Canada so I can provide you with the highest-quality print products for your family heirlooms. The papers will not yellow or fade and are thicker than any retail print option. The inks are rich and a perfect match for the colour work in my images.


Best of all, you won't have to worry about uploading your photos to a third-party website. All your photos are automatically available from your gallery in the integrated print shop, and I check every order before it goes to production to look for any issues or possible errors.

See below to learn about the products available through your online gallery.

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Print Products Available