Photographs are meant to be printed, displayed, and preserved. 

Technology will become obsolete, and cannot be passed down from generation to generation.

This is why I believe in the importance of high-quality printed products.


Whether you've hired me for your wedding or to document your family, I include album or print credits as an inherent part of every photography experience I provide.

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Choosing the right company to develop your photographs requires the same thought and intention that went into choosing your photographer.


And the very best choice when it comes to printing your images is to work with your photographer. 


My photographs look their best when developed by the companies I have chosen to work with because I worked closely with my labs to make sure of this.


Printing photos that will live on your walls for decades, and having a custom album that will not fade, warp or fall apart requires some upfront investment.


These products are a lifetime investment.

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An album is a thoughtful narrative of your entire wedding day presented in a very tangible way.


It is something to hold in your hands while you sit on the couch with your kids and re-tell the events of your wedding day. Your kids will laugh at the hairstyles and marvel at how young you were.

An album is also the very best way to archive your wedding photographs. Digital files are great but technology is constantly changing and who knows what it will be like thirty years from now.

Each album designed and delivered by Shanon-May Photography is custom and one of kind, just for you. Our albums are the highest quality and made to last.

Keep reading to learn about our albums and the design process, as well as other products available.


The Bespoke Fine Art Album

The Bespoke Fine Art Album is made with seamless, photographic prints on the finest art papers with the best inks that make your wedding photographs come to life. Album pages are panoramic spreads mounted to a thin page core, which prevents wrinkling or warping. You will have your choice of linen or eco-leather cover material and text imprinting is included, with the option to upgrade to leather or velvet cover materials. These custom albums are unmatched in quality and are a true work of art, preserving your wedding photographs for you to cherish. This is the album I chose for my own wedding photographs. The Bespoke Fine Art Album is available in two sizes. 10x8 inches and 12x9 inches. Albums can include up to 80 pages. A Bespoke Fine Art Album is included in the Heirloom and the LUXE Heirloom collections. Full Pricing Details and Size Options: 12 x 9 Inches Bespoke Fine Art Album 50 pages - $2449 40 pages - $1949 30 pages - $1449 10 x 8 Inches Bespoke Fine Art Album 50 pages - $2269 40 pages - $1769 30 pages - $1269

The Luxe Coffeetable Book

The Luxe Photo Book features thin, smooth silk photo pages, linen cover material, and text imprinting on the cover. Upgraded cover materials options include vegan leather or faux silk. Our Luxe Photobook is an affordable way to experience your wedding day in print. The Luxe Photobook is available in two sizes. 10x10 inches and 12x12 inches. Photobooks options include 30-50 pages. Additional pages can be added, up to a max. 100 pages. Full Pricing Details and Size Options: 12 x 12 Inches LUXE Photobook 50 pages - $889 40 pages - $799 30 pages - $729 10x 10 Inches LUXE Photobook 50 pages - $809 40 pages - $729 30 pages - $649

Unbound Albums

The Unbound Album is a handcrafted leather wrap with 50 or 100 - 5x7 inches matte prints. This is a unique and lovely way to cherish and to show off your favourite wedding photographs. Leather wraps are available in your choice of white, black or honey leather. Each leather wrap is handmad in Toronto, Canada using the highest quality leather. The Unbound Album with 50 prints is included in the Starter Collection. You can add the Unbound Album to any collection for $399. Add an additional 50 5x7 prints for $160.

Parent Albums

The Parent Album is an 8x8 inch version of our LUXE Coffeetable Photobook, featuring thin, smooth silk photo pages, linen cover material, and cover text imprinting. Upgraded cover material options include vegan leather or faux silk. Parent Albums can be a duplicate design of your own wedding album or can be custom designed with your parents in mind. Our Parent Album is an excellent way to share your wedding photos with your parents. It will live on their coffee table, but is small enough for moms to tuck into their purses so they can take it around to show off to friends! Full Pricing Details and Size Options: 50 pages - $719 40 pages - $649 30 pages - $589

Guest Book

The Guest Book is a gorgeous 8x8 inch, 20-page photo album that lays flat and has lots of white space to make it easy for your guests to write messages of love and congratulations for you. This layflat guest book will feature your favourtie photographs from your engagement session and you choice of vegan leather or linen cover material. The cover is embossed in gold or silber with "Guest Book" or the text can be upgraded with you names for an additional fee. The Guest Book is $449 when added to your wedding collection at booking.

20160828-MARRIED Annie & Chao by Shannon

We just received the wedding album. It looks really good! Annie and I went through it page by page, and we relived that day by looking at each moment you captured. I imagine myself opening this book and telling our kids and grandkids the stories of our wedding.

Thank you so much for your hard work.

Chao & Annie


A lot of collaboration and time goes into creating a custom album design for you. Learn about the process here. 

Pick your favourite photos

After you've received your wedding gallery, I'll ask you to pick your favourite photos, which will be what the overall design and narative will be based on. I'll ask you complete this within two (2) weeks so that we can get to work on the design before too much time passes.

First Draft of Album Design

When I've recieved your image selections I'll get to work on the first draft of your wedding album. At this time I will add images to the design in order to create a thoughtful narrative of your wedding day.

Design Review

I'll create the first design draft and send it to you via my online proofing system for your review. At this time you can request changes to the photos, swapping out any images you don't love in the design. You have up to two opportunites to review the design and request changes before I will ask for your final approval.

Design Approved!

When you have approved the design, I will retouch any portraits that require additional touch ups for hair and noticable blemishes and then send the ready-to-print design to my album company.

We Wait!

All albums are handmade so it will be about a month after I submit the designs before your album will be ready to ship. I will keep you updated about the progress on your wedding album while it's being made. When completed, the album is sent to me first so I can check it over and make sure it meets my standards.

It's Your's to Cherish

The final step in the album design process is simple. You receive it and cherish it, forever. Care instructions will be provided so that it can be preserved for generations.


"An image is only a photograph after it's been printed."

I offer my couples high-quality print options for printing their wedding photos because where you print your photos is just as important as the photos themselves.

I work with the best print lab in Canada. All print products offered are made using the highest quality materials. The papers will not yellow or fade and are thicker than any retail print options. Their inks are rich and a perfect match for the colour work in my images.

Your printed photographs will look their best when printed through my print lab because my camera equipment is set up to match their printing equipment


Best of all, you won't have to worry about uploading your photos to a third-party website. All your photos are automatically available from your gallery in the online shop.

See below to learn about the products available through your online gallery.

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It's a prority for me to make sure that all my photography clients have access to heirloom quality prints and album that will preserve your photographs. 

If you are looking for a print product that is not listed please reach out. Custom options are available upon request.

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Our prints and albums from you are stunning pieces of art. I really couldn’t believe the quality of them and how much it brings the images to life. We love them so much.  Thank you for prioritizing this as such an important part of your business!

- Lindsay & Ross

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