Your wedding photographs are not just about you

Your wedding photographs are not just about you

There is this one picture in my parent’s wedding album that makes me laugh, and taught me something about my grandfather I never knew before. My parent’s wedding photos connected some dots and family threads for me. And this is why I say, “Your wedding photographs are not just about you.”

You see, my grandmother – my Dad’s mom, was recovering from a broken leg when my parents were married. She wasn’t able to get to the part where my parents had their wedding portraits so the only pictures my parents have with my grandparents were taken at the reception. Everyone was smiling like they had just been laughing. Everyone but my mom that is. She was glaring at my grandfather just with a look of disdain.

I asked my mom about this photograph one time. She recalled that my grandfather had made some joke that he thought was so funny, and she thought was so inappropriate to be sharing at a wedding (and in the company of ladies). Lightbulb! So that’s where my Dad got his sense of humour and poor timing! I always thought my grandfather was a very proper, society man.

My grandfather passed away when I was only five years old so I never had the chance to really know him. Instead, I have learned so much about him from photographs, my parent’s wedding photographs included.

Your wedding photos are family heirlooms

The point with this story I hope to illustrate is that your wedding photographs are not just for you. They are for your family too – about capturing those that celebrated with you, both their personalities and the connection you have with them. Your photos will be a wormhole to another time for all the family generations that come after you.

Choosing a photographer who gets this will be worth more than you know!

One day you will be sitting with your son or daughter or niece or nephew, going through your wedding photographs and they will ask you about a certain photo. Your response will teach them something new about their grandfather/grandmother/uncle Bob and about themselves in the process. I think this is one of the things that make wedding photographs priceless.