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Where to Elope in the Maritimes—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI

The past few years I have seen a great increase in the number of couples inquiring about having me photograph their elopement. Some couples already have a plan in motion - a location is picked out, a time is set and an officiant is arranged. More often than not, these couples have chosen to elope on the Rooftop Garden at the world-class Algonquin Resort. I do love photographing at this gorgeous venue for all weddings big and small; the staff always make it meaningful and give just as much care and attention to detail for an elopement as they do a wedding day. Elopements at the Algonquin are “easy-to-arrange” and I love that rain or shine, the Algonquin has the space for creating beautiful portraits.

Some other go-to locations in my own backyard of St. Andrews that offer various levels of easy-to-arrange include Ministers Island and Ticklebelly Hill. Sarah Conley, the owner, and visionary of Ticklebelly is one of my favourite fellow wedding nerds and just this year has created an all-inclusive elopement package that I am thrilled to be a part of!! Check it out here.

For some practical information about eloping, check out my post "How to Elope in New Brunswick".

photograph of couple eloping in new brunswick

where should we elope?

For every inquiry I receive where a plan is already set, I will receive inquiries from couples who are just starting to plan their elopement and look to me for ideas and recommendations of where to say “I do.” There are couples are looking to make a real adventure of their secret wedding and exchange their vows somewhere off the beaten track. Thus, the idea for this blog post was born!

When I began to write this blog post, it was going to be titled, “Where to elope in New Brunswick” but as I began to craft my list I found myself recalling so many beautiful locations throughout the Maritimes that I have visited and thought to myself “gosh, this place would make a beautiful location for an elopement.” And this list grew from a practical list of recommendation locations into my very own bucket list of places where I would LOVE to document a couple as they exchange their vows and begin their married lives together.

photograph of couple eloping in new brunswick

photograph of couple eloping in new brunswick

where to elope in the maritimes | my personal bucket list

Some locations I’ve listed will be easily accessible, keeping the logistics simple, while some would require a bit more research and planning. All locations would appeal to the adventurous couple looking for an unforgettable elopement experience. Listed in no particular order, here goes!

New River Beach Trails

Victoria Park - Truro Nova Scotia (so many great spots throughout this park!)

Any Vineyard in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Hopewell Rocks

On a Lobster Boat (or boat of any kind for that matter) in the Bay of Fundy

Quoddy Head Lighthouse on Campobello Island

The Green Gables Heritage Place, PEI

In a greenhouse full of flowers and plants

Briar Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Anywhere in Newfoundland

Southwest Head Lighthouse - Grand Manan

Bird Sanctuary - Grand Manan

Chamcook Mountain, St. Andrews New Brunswick

Roosevelt Campobello International Park (so many great spots throughout this park!)

The Whale Exhibit inside the New Brunswick Museum

Halifax Central Library, on the stairs/bridges (after the library is closed of course)

Anywhere along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton

Any seaside location in Prince Edward Island

At Dalvay by-the-Sea, PEI

This is not an extensive list - only the spaces I know of or have dreamed of. I know there are hundreds of hidden gems and great ideas throughout the Atlantic provinces that other photographers or wedding nerds will know about. I will surely add to this list as time goes on. And really, I am up for anything!

If you are planning to elope and loved any of the ideas I’ve presented here, or have one of your own that you’d like to chat about please email me. I would love to connect with you, to help you plan your perfect secret wedding, and document your vows.

For more information about eloping, check out my post "How to Elope in New Brunswick".

photograph of couple eloping in new brunswick

photograph of couple eloping in new brunswick

You’ve been much much more than a photographer; you’ve been a guide, a source of support, an expert, and a friend.


You are so talented and we are so lucky that we were able to work with you. Thank you for making the experience so special for us.

Your advice, tips and guidance along the way have meant a lot and were so appreciated especially as we navigated uncharted territories (professional photos lol). We always knew we were in the best hands with you.



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