There is no place like home and the people you love.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in only two houses, both built by my parents! The first house my parents built in 1972, the year they were married, on two and half acres in the once rural town of Langley. We had farm animals, trails for riding dirt bikes and a big yard for that was filled up with a playhouse, a trampoline, and countless hours of playtime! My parents owned that house for nineteen years. I was twelve when they sold it and began construction of a new house where I would spend the rest of my growing up years. This time, we had a half acre in a small subdivision that backed onto farmland in a still rural part of Langley, not too far from the burgeoning city. There was a creek that ran through backyard, a small garden and miniature basketball court where my sport’s loving brothers played for hours and I tried and failed to rollerblade! My parents owned that home for nearly twenty-eight years, selling it the same year I graduated from university.

Both of these houses, where countless moments and great memories from my life in BC were created, are gone along with many of the pieces of furniture and personal belongings that filled the rooms, and my accommodations in BC vary from trip to trip, I still feel like I am going home when I fly into Vancouver. Regardless of what bed I lay my head down on at night, what table I eat my meals at, and what sofa I relax upon, as long as I am with my family or my friends, most of whom have been by my side my whole life, I am home.

Home for me, therefore, is not necessarily found within four walls but in the people that I continue to love and to be loved by. My heart will always belong to you.

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