Stefanie & Marc

20150718 WEDDING Stef & Marc ShannonMayPhotography 001

Ganong Nature Park Wedding, Dufferin New Brunswick

When Stefanie stepped into the tented ceremony space, escorted by her proud Father, she greeted everyone with a huge smile and an excited “Hello Everybody!” Marc shared her joy and excited with huge smile as he laid eyes on his Bride for the first time that day. And this excited, joy filled and heart warming moment set the tone for the entire day!

During the ceremony, officiated by Life Cycle Celebrant Selina Ashurst, Marc and Stefanie’s story was shared with family and friends. Recounted was the first time Marc met Stefanie and how he broke his New Year’s resolution before it even began and pursued Stefanie. There was something incredible about her and he did not want to miss the opportunity to know her. Also recounted was the moment Marc realized just how kind-hearted and brave Stefanie was, when she placed her mittens over Marc cold ears, warming his heart and his head! Their story took the best turn possible that week they spent together in Quebec a few years ago, and on their wedding a new page was turned.

Their wedding day was a dream to be a part of. From the moment I stepped into Stefanie’s family’s home I was welcomed with open hearts and had the best afternoon hangout and photographing Stefanie and her family get ready for the day while my assistant Karina joined Marc and his family and groomsmen! The weather forecasted rain, and it came through on that promise but not until late into the evening, just in time to fulfill a dream photo-opt of mine! And every moment in between was filled with laughter, celebration and the funnest wedding reception meal – a menu of pub food inspired by the first time Stefanie and Marc met!

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