St. Martin’s Engagement Photo Session

Your engagement session needn’t be in a random location that doesn’t mean anything to you. I haven’t always been the best at encouraging my couples to choose along these lines but you can literally plan your engagement photo session to take place anywhere you like. And I love the idea of planning to shoot your engagement photo session at home.

I live in such a lovely area that is a big destination for photoshoots – the landscape and charm of St. Andrews by-the-Sea really is picture perfect! Even I’ve made sure to have photos of my husband and I photographed on the beach by the blockhouse! But I’m making it my goal this year to help my couples plan more unique-to-them engagement sessions, that will capture some of their life together and not just be about pretty photos. Do you want a St. Martin’s Engagement Photo Session? Yes, please!

There is no place like home

There is really no such thing as a bad photo location. Well, I do need some light to work with, but beyond that, as long as I have two people that love each other, have fun with each other, don’t mind touching, and are willing to share everything with me, I don’t need too much more. I really love photographing couples in their homes and including a fun activity that they usually enjoy together. How great would it be to have a few photos that capture your life together, during this season in your life?

Engagement photo sessions that can blend some ” real life” candid moments with all the lightly directed portraits is my ideal!

St. Martin’s Engagement Photo Session

St. Martin’s Engagement Photo Session

I was so excited when Laura and Nikola wanted to do their engagement session at Laura’s family’s cottage in St. Martins. They were living and working in two different cities at the time would meet up on the weekend at the cottage. Cooking breakfast together, spoiling their fur baby, and spending time exploring the property was a usual weekend activity, I am so glad we captured some of that in their engagement photos.

I hope Laura and Nikola’s St. Martin’s Engagement Photo Session gives you some inspiration for planning your own engagement session!