St. Croix River Adventure Session / Emily & Katelyn

    We met at Emily’s mother’s home on the St. Croix River near St. Stephen New Brunswick. This has been a special location for Katelyn and Emily – it’s where they’re friendship turned into love, and where they spend countless hours enjoying summer in “The Steve”. We spent nearly six hours venturing around the more picturesque areas nearby, which included the hidden waterfall in Digdeguash and chasing a sunset, all while I documented their love and joy.

    This photo session was a dream come true for multiple reason. But mostly because Katelyn is a dear-heart friend and it is SO heartwarming to see her so happy! Below I’ve included just little snippet of our time together.

    I had been wanting to do a photo session that involved some sort of adventure element to it, to launch an idea that Scott and I came up with one day last spring when we were out exploring coastal areas of New Brunswick. Whenever we are out hiking I always think how incredible this place or that place would be for an engagement session but it would be near impossible given the logistics, time and amount of planning I’d want to put into an adventure session. So, when Katelyn, Emily and I began planning this portrait session for them I was so happy when then wanted to incorporate canoeing down the river. In the end we spent six hours together and I want to do more, and more sessions like that!!!

    So what is an Adventure Session? It is a customized portrait session designed to document your love while you explore a new place or participate in an epic adventure!! It can take place anywhere and the timeframe is solely based on the event – no arbitrary time limits!

    If you’d like to plan an adventure session with me get in touch for options: or use the contact form on my website

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