Shop from these 9 Female-Led Retailers this Christmas

It’s that time of year again when we all begin to seek out gifts to spoil one another with. Unless you’re a keener and have already completed your holiday shopping (this is not me at all!), you’re just beginning your gift hunt and are looking for ideas of what to buy and how you can buy them.

Look no further. I’ve created a list for you of where to shop! And the best part, you don’t need to leave your house. All of the businesses I’ve included have online options for shopping for their must-have products.

Shop Small. Shop Canadian. Shop New Brunswick.

This year I am trying my best to support small businesses that I love, especially female-led businesses. It’s been my belief for years that small businesses (and female-founded businesses) are the future of our economy. I have no facts or statistics to support this belief, it’s just a gut feeling. Women have been, for centuries, silently creating and building businesses to meet the needs of their families and communities. When times are hard and money is short, the inventiveness and ambitiousness of women shine brightly.

New Brunswick has some incredible, ambitious lady-bosses creating and selling must-have products this year. And to make it easier for you to know about them and find them, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list for you!

Some of the businesses I’ve included in this list were launched just this year by remarkable women who were forced to pivot when COVID-19 turned things upside down. My own newest venture, Marmalade Shop, was created when my wedding photography business halted due to restrictions on travel and gatherings. Other businesses on this list have stood the test of time and give other female-led entrepreneurs something to aspire to.

Have fun, happy shopping, and I hope that this year’s gift-giving blesses you with as much joy and magic as each recipient of your thoughtfulness is sure to experience.

Shop Online from these 9 Female-Led Canadian Retailers this Holiday Season

This is by no means an extensive list – there are so many businesses I could have included. I’ve kept the list concise, diverse and mostly personal – I’ve either already purchased products from these incredible women-led businesses, am acquainted with them or am lucky enough to call them friends!

And, being fully transparent – I’ve included my own product businesses in this list!

Loran Olivia

Loran Olivia’s “minimalist” scrunchies are a petite size, using less fabric than a traditional scrunchie making them perfect for thin hair and half-up styles as they are less bulky. Even though they are smaller in size, they are still fantastic for gals with thick hair as the size of their elastic allows a secure hold! Their styles are typically neutral colors and few patterns, perfect for creating a timeless wardrobe capsule. Loran Olivia’s scrunchies are available for purchase online at and at a select number of retailers in New Brunswick including Hanson Road Floral Co. in Fredericton, Juniper in Saint John, Sequoia in Moncton and Spree Lifestyle Boutique in St. Stephen.