Relive the Wedding Dress // Photography Inspiration Session

This past summer I made a point of taking time and planning a few photography sessions that were 100% for me and not anyone else. What does this mean? Well, for one shoot it meant that I was able photograph some beautiful Brides in their wedding dresses with no expectation of what the end result will look like and I felt free to try a couple of new “posing techniques” that there just isn’t time to experiment with on a wedding day.

I wasn’t alone during this photography session. Fellow photographers Carla Bagley and Genevieve Flynn collaborated with me on this “relive the dress” just for fun session. Each of us were feeling the same need to be creative without the constraints of a wedding day so we reached out to one of our Brides and we were so lucky that each one jumped at the chance to step back into their wedding dresses for us! Here are few portraits that I am most proud of.

Thank you so much to Patience Cole of Patience Professional Make-up for contributing her talents and time to this shoot.

Dress by Claire La Faye Swan Song / Photography by Shannon-May
Make-up by Patience Cole / Photography by Shannon-May