Queen Elizabeth Park Wedding // Allison and Micheal

2014-09-14 WEDDING Allison & Micheal 046

When Michael and Allison emailed me last fall asking to set up a Skype date I had my suspicions that they would be asking me to be their wedding photographer. Micheal had finally proposed and I was hearing through the family grapevine that plans were underway for their September wedding. As I sat in my living room in St. Andrews, NB and they sat in their living room in Vancouver, BC telling me about the proposal and their wedding plans, my suspicions were confirmed. I felt honoured that out of the many talented photographers they had access to in Vancouver they chose me, as they respected me as a person and as a photographer. *blush*. And after we photographed their engagement session on the Spanish Banks in Vancouver last December I knew we would all make magic together! I mean, just wait until you see the way these two look at each other.

I should probably mention that Micheal is my “little” cousin! I was eleven when Micheal was born and, as his brother /best man/MC Edward recounted, he was no little baby. I still remember meeting him when he was only a day old and thinking he looked more like a three month old baby than a newborn! He also wasn’t the only Micheal in the family. We have a Big Micheal and we have Little Micheal. No Little Micheal was not named after Big Micheal, and ironically, Little Micheal stands a good eights inches taller than Big Micheal. But, Micheal was and remains Little in all of our eyes. He was the youngest, most unexpected cousin when he was added to our very large extended family, in many ways he was a little brother to us all. So seeing him stand with Allison promising to love her, respect her and treat her with kindness, and offering assurance to her family that he will be a good husband to their sweet girl and to spend the rest of his life making her happy, one couldn’t be anything but proud of the man he has become. It was also a great reminder that the little dude who brought so much joy to our family through his love of Batman and his willingness to sing and dance on command to ACDC’s Thunderstruck has grown into a beautiful, caring and compassionate man.

Micheal and Allison’s wedding was inspired by their love for each other, their love for their families, and Micheal’s obsession with the Celtics. Allison was stunning in her Grandmother’s reimagined vintage wedding dress (THIS IS REAL VINTAGE, LADIES) and carried a bouquet featuring her other Grandmother’s favourite flowers. And I love that Allison’s attendants were free to choose their own style of black dress! Their ceremony was made unique by a percussion performance by Allison’s father and a beautiful speech by her mother (a Buddhist Nun), reminding everyone and especially the Bride and Groom about the importance of being kind to one another. Their wedding ceremony was in the Celebration Pavillion at Queen Elizabeth Park, where we also spent two hours walking around for formal portraits; and their cocktail style reception was in the beautiful Heritage Hall on Main Street in Vancouver. This was a day like no other and I cannot believe I was not only there as their guests but also as their photographer. I am over the moon about their photos. The entire day felt transported back to Vancouver circa 1960-something and would not be surprised that if I looked through my own parents wedding album, who’s formal portraits were in the Queen Elizabeth Gardens, I would find reflections of Micheal and Allison’s day. Sigh. Enjoy!

Love and Sunshine,


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