PORTRAITS | Marshall, Kristina, Maxwell and George

No trip home to Vancouver  is complete without a family photography shoot with my brother and his family, which has grown since the last time I photographed them in October 2012, just days before the gorgeous blue-eyed, auburn haired George was born!! And I would be lying if I didn’t say they are my favourite little family to photograph (wink, wink). Check out the last two sets of family portraits I’ve done with these folks here and here.

The last I saw these four beautiful faces in person was last January when I was able to fly home for Max’s second birthday. I was really excited to see how the boys had grown and how their personalities have developed over the last year. I missed most of George’s first year so it was like meeting him for the first time, and he stole my heart!!!

I just love how these images capture everyone’s personalities, the chaos of having a young family, the laughter that Maxwell and George bring out in their parents, and the many faces that Maxwell makes!! For Christmas, Marshall and Kristina gave the boys a John Deer jeep to drive around the backyard!! As you will see in the pictures, both boys LOVE riding in this!! You will also see that they have the typical big brother-little brother relationship. It makes for times of both frustration and laughter! And no family photography session would be complete without a little bribery in of the form of peanut m&ms. Enjoy!

Love & Sunshine,


2013-12-26 PORTRAITS PringleBell Family 01
2013-12-26 PORTRAITS PringleBell Family 02
2013-12-26 PORTRAITS PringleBell Family 03
2013-12-26 PORTRAITS PringleBell Family 04