Perfect Fall Wedding at Ticklebelly Hill | Krista & Brent

It was the perfect fall wedding at Ticklebelly Hill. On a beautiful October day in St. Andrews, New Brunswick a beauty from Alberta married a homeboy from New Brunswick on a quintessential east-meets-west wedding day.

I remember walking into the salon at the Algonquin Resort where she was surrounded by some of her best family and girlfriends. I had only met Krista a few days earlier for her’s and Brent’s engagement session yet I felt like I was walking into a room of old friends. Each woman was as warm and kind as the woman who had brought them together. I knew right away this wedding day would be extra special.

I’ll never forget the energy on the Rooftop Garden as Brent, who was surrounded by all their family and friends, waited for Krista to walk down the aisle. There were no nerves, only excitement. And, then she appeared. Brent cried as the anticipation that had been building broke into a pure joy that bubbled out of him. The woman he loved with his whole-being began to walk towards him.

They laughed and cried throughout their vows. Their family and friends laughed and cried throughout their vows. Jared Stanley serenaded the almost newlyweds as they signed their marriage documents, and great sounds of joy erupted when Brent and Krista were pronounced married! I often say that the ceremony is the centerpiece of a wedding day. But, Brent and Krista’s ceremony as just a hint of what was to come during their reception. From tear-filled speeches to a full floor full of belly laughs and moves like jagger, the party that Brent and Krista hosted at Ticklebelly Hill to celebrate their new marriage was hands down, outstanding.

It was such a pleasure, and a privilege to document this wedding day.