Old Montreal Engagement Portraits

The first time I visited Montreal happened to be the same night that these two cuties were sharing their first date. I remember it well because I had been looking forward to catching up with my old friend Dan and introducing my boyfriend (now husband) Scott to him. Little did I know we’d be ditched after an hour so that Dan could meet up with this really cute guy Dave he’d only just met. But I am so glad things went as they did, because fast forward two years and a half years and these two have travelled the world together and currently packing up their apartment in Montreal and getting ready to move across the country to Vancouver, BC where they will be hosting their wedding next May.

When Dan and Dave first began planning their wedding in Vancouver I was the second person they told about their plans – they wanted to make sure I would be available to photograph it!! Dan told me that from the time I began my work as a photographer he dreamed of having me document his wedding. This meant so much to me because not only is he a dear, dear friend, but has also been a great encourager over the years and somewhere I admire as he has pursued his own dreams and goals in life and in love!

In May, Scott and I travelled to Montreal so that I could photograph their engagement in the city where they met and fell in love.