Niger Reef, St. Andrews Wedding | Shawna and Zach

From the moment Zach met Shawna he knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, to have a family with, to create a home with. Shawna knew Zach was a keeper when he took care of her following a tonsillectomy she had the first week they started dating! The rest is the history that led to their wedding day.

As they exchanged vows under a tree, overlooking the Passamaquoddy Bay while surrounded by thirty of their closet family and a few friends, the heartfelt emotion in the words spoken to each other by Shawna and Zach was palpable. Their unique ceremony, written and lead by Tree of Life officiant Selina Ashurst, was a true centrepiece to the wedding day, complete with a ring warming ceremony, a love letter box, and a special guest signing. And thread throughout the entire day was Zach and Shawna’s love for music and fun with those they love.

This once I am going to let the images really speak for the overall vibe of the day and the joy I felt being apart of it. No further words could encapsulate how amazing this St. Andrews By-The-Sea wedding day was.  Shawna and Zach, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer, and choosing to come home to St. Andrews for your wedding celebration! I was truly inspired.

Love & Sunshine,


2014-07-12 WEDDING Shawna & Zach Blog 01
2014-07-12 WEDDING Shawna & Zach Blog 02
2014-07-12 WEDDING Shawna & Zach Blog 03
2014-07-12 WEDDING Shawna & Zach Blog 04