New Brunswick Elopements

Before I go any further, I want to encourage you to check out New Brunswick Elopements. This is a new partnership I’ve created with my friend and Wedding Celebrant Deanna Balcarras. We create elopements for couples who want a meaningful ceremony and beautiful photographs. 

To elope or not to elope

Even before Covid-19 flatlined the wedding plans of couples, eloping was a popular choice for couples wanting to say “I do” without the obligations and production that a larger wedding would require. As much as I love all the details and hype of a big wedding, I understand the appeal to elope. As much as I loved my own wedding and have no regrets, when Scott and I first started talking about getting married we dreamed of secret vows exchanged in the Scottish Highlands with just my parents as witnesses and an amazing wedding photographer there to capture it all. We abandoned this idea once we were officially engaged. This was mainly because I could not imagine getting married without this person, and that person, oh and this friend and well, this friend has to be there too!!

Not everyone needs a wedding like I did, and that is okay. I’ve photographed elopements and they are amazing!! And, since I live in one of the most beautiful areas in one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, and because I would love to photograph more elopements, I thought I would write a little how-to elope in New Brunswick, share some New Brunswick Elopement options with you.

For ideas on where to elope, check out my post “Where to Elope in Atlantic Canada“.

Eloping in New Brunswick is not too complex. You pick a date, find an officiant and get a marriage license. However, finding an officiant and getting your marriage license is not so easy if you don’t know where to look or who to contact! No worries, I have you covered.

Who will marry us if we elope in New Brunswick?

In New Brunswick, only a member of the Clergy or an authorized Civil Officiant can perform a marriage ceremony. Since most Clergy are attached to a church community it is less likely that they will be available for an elopement, however, there are tons of Civil Officiants in the province of New Brunswick that will be happy to perform a basic legal ceremony for you. Here is an up-to-date list of Civil Officiants authorized to perform marriage ceremonies.