Minister’s Island Engagement | Allyson & Chris

When Allyson first met Chris he was dancing up a storm at a favourite bar and grill in Fredericton, but it wasn’t until a few years later that Chris asked Allyson out and their love story began. It didn’t take long for Allyson to see just how kind and caring Chris was, and in time his true colours as a supportive, understanding and good hearted man shined. An indelible impression of Chris’s character was imprinted upon Allyson’s heart and she was hooked!

Chris proposed this past Christmas under the tree the day after Boxing Day. Allyson recalls being a blubbering mess with tears streaming her face as she said a happy yes!! The man who she had been dreaming up future plans with to travel around New Zealand in an RV, to continue enjoying delicious meals and wine with, and who she would grow older and happier with while remaining as in love as they are today, had kneeled before her and set the plans in motion to become husband and wife!

Allyson and Chris happily traveled down to St. Andrews for their engagement session and we headed over to Minister’s Island. I love their energy and how happy and easy-going both Allyson and Chris are! It doesn’t take very long to see that they are a great fit for one another, and how in love they are!! This, coupled with the gorgeous setting we had at Minister’s Island and the Van Horne Estate, made it very easy to turn the usual 90 minute photo shoot into a three-hour shoot!! So thankful that Allyson and Chris indulged my creative flow!! LOL.

Allyson and Chris – I love how excited you both are to be getting married, and that you are planning a wedding celebration that is centred on enjoying your  time with each other and all your family and friends who will be travelling to St. Andrews for your wedding weekend! I am so excited to collaborate with again on your wedding day this August!!

Love & Sunshine,


2014-06-06 ENGAGED Allyson & Chris FB001
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