Married: Barb & Patrick

20150906 ShannonMayPhotography Wedding Barb&Patrick-001

Hobbit Hill Wedding, Bayside NB

It probably happens much more than we realize. Two families grow up around the corner from each other until one moves away to another province, never imaging that some twenty years later they would be reunited at the wedding of their children. This was the foundation for Barb and Patrick’s wedding celebration . And the friendship, familiarity and joy shared by all made Barb and Patrick’s wedding a true uniting of two great families. Of course none of this awesomeness overshadowed what the day was truly about. Two beautiful people found each other one unexpected evening on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and began what would become their great love story culminating on this day.

I began my day with Barb. Though the house was full of her family everyone was busy getting themselves ready, enjoying the time and one another. I had some time to myself to photograph Barb’s stunning details, including her gorgeous/light/simply elegant gown before walking around the house capturing some candid moments, and then photographing Barb as she began her final preparations. This morning began what would be one of the more unique weddings I have photographed.

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