Introducing Olive

20151029 ShannonMayPhotography Olive 01

Are you ready for cuteness overload

With trepidation I hit send on the email inquiring about the shih tzu puppies they advertised. I had spent over a year going back and forth in mind, squealing over pictures of puppies on the internet, wagging my preverbal tail every time I encountered a little fluff butt on the street, all trying so hard to deny my need and desire for a little pup of my own. After I lost Ruthie nearly two years ago I have been enjoying the freedom of not having a dog to make plans around; it has been easy to travel or spend a day in Fredericton or Saint John with out stressing about what to do with the dog or having to get home to let her out, etc. And, I did not relish to idea of doing the puppy stage again. I had loved the stage Ruthie was at – trained, housebroken, quiet, and predictable – and the whole thought of going through the puppy years ago was a little overwhelming. Not to mention the financial commitment a new pup requires! But one night in September, when my wedding season had completed and I was facing a mountain of editing, my reasons for not getting a new dog were no longer good enough to prevent me from at least inquiring about this adorable little girl.

It was close to 9pm when I sent the email so I did not expect a reply right away. But within minutes I had a response in my inbox and a phone number to call. By 10pm I had sent the deposit and began planning in my head everything I needed to do to prepare for bringing puppy home! And on Thanksgiving Monday, I picked Scott up in Saint John and together we drove to New Germany Nova Scotia to meet my new puppy and to bring her home.

20151029 ShannonMayPhotography Olive 02
20151029 ShannonMayPhotography Olive 03

I had a few names floating around in my head that I liked to her. Frannie, Tilly, Betty… but after putting a call out on my personal Facebook page and receiving some ideas I fell in love with the name Olive! And as soon I saw her in person for the first time, I KNEW Olive was the right fit! It would fit perfectly with Alice the cat! And speaking Alice, I could not ask for a better cat friend for Olive. She is still not completely sure what this fluffy little creature is that has invaded her home and stolen so much of my attention, but she is so nice and even lets Olive use her tail as a toy (well, not always). My parent’s cat Annabelle was the same way when they brought their dog home as a puppy, and they became great friends. There were so many times they would be laying together next to the fireplace and Maggie would be cleaning Annabelle’s face. SO cute, and I hope so much that Alice and Olive will be equally great friends!

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