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Intimate Wedding at the Rossmount Inn

An intimate wedding at the Rossmount Inn with the most beautiful florals and the warmest group of people who made the day an exceptional experience for our couple (and for my team!). Willow and Thomas’s wedding day is one for the books and I am so excited to share “a few” of my favourite photos.

I began my day up at the carriage house, to document Willow’s beautiful mom Wendy and their friend Olivia creating all the florals that would decorate the ceremony and reception spaces, and the bouquets that Willow and her maids would carry. I am a huge sucker for garden-inspired florals so when I heard that Willow’s mom would be doing the flowers I made sure my timeline for the day would allow me to capture this. What I didn’t expect was that Willow and Thomas’s dads would also be creating the floral ceremony arbor and I loved being able to document all the loving hands that went into creating their day. The love and care that I witnessed during this time was just a small taste of what would ensure throughout the day as their intimate group of family and friends mingled, ate, and danced the day away together. And what a privilege it was to document it all.

I am really proud of this work and excited to share it with you!

I always ask my couples what they want most from their photographer. Willow’s response, when we first began chatting about her wedding is exactly what I hope to hear from all my couples. It sets me up for success as this is exactly the kind of experience and approach I take to photographing weddings. She wrote:

“I want things to be captured – emotions, smiles, tender moments, rather than posed. Of course, some posed pictures are great too. But really I want you for our wedding because your pictures tell a story, there is so much emotion behind some of the photos. That is what I look for. By capturing the emotions and candid moments, it helps you relive the moment like you are there taking it in again from someone else’s viewpoint. “

If you are still looking for your ideal wedding photographer and this is the kind of photographer you wish to work with, then I’d love to connect with you!! Contact me here.

Thank you to Genevieve Flynn for assisting me with this wedding!

You’ve been much much more than a photographer; you’ve been a guide, a source of support, an expert, and a friend.


You are so talented and we are so lucky that we were able to work with you. Thank you for making the experience so special for us.

Your advice, tips and guidance along the way have meant a lot and were so appreciated especially as we navigated uncharted territories (professional photos lol). We always knew we were in the best hands with you.



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