How to Prepare for Your Photo Session

well dressed couple hugging during this engagement session

5 Tips that go beyond what to wear

What should we wear for our photo session? This is one of the most frequent questions that I receive after I book a photo session – whether it’s an engagement session or couples session, etc. And rightly so. What we choose to wear for our photos plays a huge part in setting the overall tone and aesthetic for the finished results.

I always have my go-to advice on what to wear ready to send along and I’m always happy to provide lots of specific ideas to my clients. I have curated Pinterest boards ready to share and will even open the door to my clients to send me pictures of outfits they are thinking about. I’ve been here before myself – trying to choose an outfit that will be immortalized in photos and I always love getting feedback on my choices. 

What is never asked is how to prepare for your photo session beyond what to wear. And personally, I think how you prepare for your photo session maybe even more important than what you wear.

couple walking in a filed during their engagement session

Photographs are an investment

You are going to be investing a lot of money into your photography. Between the photo session itself, the clothes you wear, and the prints and albums you purchase, a photography session with a professional photographer is an investment. Making sure you prepare for it from all angles will mean you receive the most out of your investment.  

Not to mention, your photographs will be your family’s heirlooms. A photo session should never be just another thing you cross off your (spring, summer, fall) to-do list. You want the overall experience to be as beautiful and memorable as the photos themselves.

How to prepare for your photo session

After nearly ten years as a professional photographer, here are just a few of my best tips for how to prepare for a photo session. These tips are applicable to family sessions, couples sessions, individuals, branding sessions, family photos during a wedding… basically if human beings will be the subject of the photo, then these tips will apply.