How to have your perfect wedding photos – Share it all with me

You’re going to invest a big portion of your wedding budget on your wedding photographs. So, how do you make sure they are everything you want them to be? How do you have your perfect wedding photos? With nearly 10 years of experience, photographing over 160 weddings and elopements, I’ve learned a few things that will make your wedding photography dreams come true.

Here is part one of a seven-part series of encouraging tips for achieving your perfect wedding photos. You can read all seven parts here: How to have your perfect wedding photographs!

“Share it all with me!”

Your wedding day is going to be emotional for so many reasons. It will be one of the rare occasions when all your family and friends will be together in one place. A lot of planning and love goes into your wedding day. It kicks off a new chapter in your love story. There is a lot of expectation. And, the idea of standing up in front of your family and friends can be overwhelming if you’re not the spotlight kind of person!

And all of these realties will trigger a range of emotions, from excitement and joy to some nervousness and anticipation!

Do not hide this from your photographer!! Emotions are good. I LOVE emotions. I especially love it when guys don’t hold back and let me see how much love, pride, and affection he has for his partner. This is what photographers are hired to photograph in addition to creating portraits and documenting the events of the ceremony, the speeches, and the dancing. Please don’t hold back.  

I cannot tell you how often I have recognized a beautiful and tender moment unfolding and will prime myself to document this when all of a sudden, someone will shut it down because they believe they need to be composed, smiling, happy, “picture perfect” all the time.

Your photographs are supposed to remind you how you felt, not just how everything looked so that you can remember the full story of the day your marriage began. And these feelings are the photographs that I especially love to deliver to my couples.