How to have your perfect wedding photographs – choose a photographer you love.

You’re going to invest a big portion of your wedding budget on your wedding photographs. So, how do you make sure they are everything you want them to be? How do you have your perfect wedding photos? With nearly 10 years of experience, photographing over 160 weddings and elopements, I’ve learned a few things that will make your wedding photography dreams come true.

This is part of a multi-part blog series of encouraging tips for achieving your perfect wedding photos. You can read all posts here: How to have your perfect wedding photographs!

Perfect wedding photos begin with the right photographer

Most of the tips I’ve shared in my multi-part blog series “How to have your perfect wedding photographs” discusses the balance between your decisions and the responsibilities of your photographer. Whereas some tips highlight the importance of communication between you and your photographer.

This final piece of advice is for you and your partner, alone. I’ve said this before – actually it’s right on my website, but your wedding day is one of those rare occasions in your life when all of your closest family and friends (your’s and your partners) will be together in one place. Chances are, this will never happen again and perfect wedding photographs document this rare occasion.

Choosing the right photographer you can trust to photograph the day will be one of the biggest decisions you make during the wedding planning process. This person needs to be able to blend in with your nearest and dearest, to put everyone at ease, and to deliver photographs you will love for a lifetime.

Perfect wedding photos begin with the right photographer.

Friend for the day

Your photographer will spend the most time with you on your wedding day and be privy to many intimate and raw moments. It is so important that you feel comfortable with this person, that you can be yourselves with them, and that you trust them. They will be a sister, brother or friend for the day.

And only you can decide who this person will be.