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    At the end of October I had the happy privilege of flying home (again) to visit family and friends, but most specifically to welcome George as the newest member to my family. Here are a few pictures (okay there are a lot of them) from my time spent at home with the people I love. 

    Kicking this post off is photos of my brother Marshall, my sister-in-las Kristina and nephew Maxwell. I spent a couple of days with them as they wait with great anticipation to grow from a family of three to a family of four. Went for a walk near their house, Max carved his first pumpkin (ever), and after bath time, Max modelled his “man-towel” for me.

    I love the expression on Maxwell’s face as his mommy pulled the pumpkin guts out of the gourd, followed the proud-filled smiles he expresses as he pulls the guts out himself!!

    Maxwell loves books and story time cuddles.

    Brushing his teeth just like daddy!

    Maxwell and his man towel.

    Ever since my parents and I did an east-coast road trip together when they both came to visit me two years ago, I always try to make a point of having a little adventure with them when I go home to visit. This ensures that I get some good quality time with them while I am home and it gives me lots of opportunity to tease my dad! This trip home we road-tripped to Seattle for the weekend and played tourists as the Public Market and the Space Needle.

    Why yes, this is the first ever Starbucks, right across from the public market!!! And yes, I did line-up for a latte and the chance to say “I’ve been to the original Starbucks.” Oh-cheese.

    Our hotel room overlooked the harbour and my dad must have sat for a good thirty just watching the boats and cranes. 

    The image below is the view from up top the space needle.

    My dad people watching from the up top the space needle.

    Image below was taken at this really cool bistro called Collections Cafe. Seattle Glass Artist Dale Chihuly opened this cafe and the decor features many of his personal collections that inspired his art.

    And the main attraction for my visit home: George Thomas Pringle, born on October 29, 2012. He is beautiful and I was so glad to be there to capture his first few hours, his first bath and some snuggles with his happy (and tired) parents and grandparents!!

    Along with my parents, I had the happy responsibility of looking after Maxwell while his parents and George stayed in the hospital. Maxwell enjoyed story time with Grandpa Pringle before I took him to his Mormor and Morfor’s (Grandma and Grandpa Bell) for Halloween!! His Aunty Erica and I took him for his first ever trick or treating.

    Max with all his loot. He would have opened and took a bite out of everything if Mormor didn’t intervene!!

    Towards the end of my trip I had some time set aside to spend with dear friends.

    Cath, you are so cute!!!

    Last time I photographed these three together, Nathan was still cooking!!! Now he is big at nearly eight months old!!! Love you Candice, Mike and Nathan!

    Leaving was hard but I had some great things to come back to… however the snow that fell the day after I landed made me entertain the thought of wintering in Vancouver and only summering in St. Stephen 😉 Seriously, there is no need for snow in November!

    If you’ve gotten this far, I think you!! I really am trying to narrow down the images I post but there were too many beautiful moments!

    Love & Sunshine,


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