Halifax Central Library Wedding // Kristin & Nick

Herring Cove Wedding Portraits

A wedding at the Halifax Central Library? Yes please! I LOVED the opportunity to return to this beautiful city to photograph a wedding. And, this wedding exceeded my expectations for fun, adventure and a willingness to do anything for the pictures! It was also the perfectly love filled day for beginning a marriage and saying goodbye to the city where a relationship blossomed and became more than anything they could have ever imagine.

I met Kristin and Nick last summer during another photography assignment. I immediately fell in love with them and secretly hoped they would reach out to me if they became engaged. It was only a few short months later when their email landed in my inbox, announcing their engagement and asking me to be their photographer! Um, yes. Yes I will be!

I love weddings that are unique and filled to with details and key moments that are a true representation of who the couple is. And Kristin and Nick’s wedding was just that. Two notable details included the venue and the guest favours! Kristin and Nick chose to host their wedding at the gorgeous Halifax Central Library has been an important location to Kristin and Nick. The library is where they had their first date, where they shared countless hours reading and studying, and it’s where Nick proposed. For their guest favours, Kristin and Nick gave away their collection of books. Two days after saying “I do” these newlyweds moved across the county to Vancouver, so rather than have their collection of books sit indefinitely in storage, they gave it away to the people they love most. In every way possible, Kristin and Nick gave of themselves to each other and to those that had gathered from across the country to share this happy day with them. Also, shout out to the Fred Salon in Halifax for having one of the funkiest salons I’ve ever shot in!

I also love photographing weddings where my Couples are willing to get wet and a little bit dirty (even before the ceremony) in order to meet their dream and goals for their wedding day portraits. And Kristin and Nick gave me just that! I had been out to Herring Cove the day before and was so excited to shoot there so when Kristin said rain or shine, my heart leaped. We made it quick, we had fun, and they have (imho) gorgeous outdoor portraits at one of their favourite oceanside places near Halifax.

Fred Salon Halifax Nova Scotia