Grand Manan Adventure Elopement / Victoria & Ed

A first look at the Algonquin Resort. An intimate ceremony at the historic Greenock Presbyterian Church in St. Andrews. A ferry ride to Grand Manan Island. A trek through the woods. A dance on top of the Hole in the Wall, a famous natural wonder. A free-spirited woman. Fog and mist. Seagulls dancing on the wind. A special invitation to the ferry's bridge by the Captain. Witnessing the caring, cheeky and loving friendship that these two share...

From beginning to end, Victoria and Ed's elopement was an adventure and a pure pleasure to witness, to photograph and to share with them.

Thank you Victoria and Ed for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to be a third wheel on this most epic day.

Ceremony Venue: Greenock Presbyterian Church, St. Andrews

Hair & Make-up: The Spa at the Algonquin

Ferry Transportation: The Grand Manan Adventure

Photography: Shannon-May Photography