ENGAGED: Barb & Patrick

    St. Andrews & Bayside, NB Engagement Session

    Barb and Patrick grew up around the corner from each other and their families have remained long-time friends, but it took a move to Toronto, Ontario and Tulsa Oklahoma, and a little bit of fate, to actually bring these two together! They had both returned to New Brunswick for a mutual friend’s wedding and Patrick’s brother hosted an after party lobster boil on the beach of his family’s summer house. A fun evening of flirting, talking and watching the fire die out after everyone else had left the beach set in motion a series of events that will culminate this weekend when Barb and Patrick tie the knot. Together with their friends and family they will celebrate their marriage on the same property where sparks began to fly two years ago.

    Barb and Patrick had been dating for about four months when Barb realized that Patrick might be the one. They had been discussing who would move where if they continued to become more serious. It was then that Barb realized that she had no hesitations about moving to Tulsa for Patrick. And it was about a year later, after many adventures together and enjoying life, encouraging each other, and cruising around in Patrick’s Caprice Classic with the top down, that Patrick proposed. He had found the adventurous, kind-hearted girl willing to run alongside him and had she found the guy who enjoyed life and family as much as she did.

    I’ve had so much fun getting to know these two! Their love of life and having great people around is infectious and it makes me so excited for their wedding this Sunday.

    Patrick drove his Caprice up from Tulsa in July so it could be here for the wedding. I had so much fun incorporating his and Barb’s favourite weekend ride into their photos, and we have a few more planned for the wedding day. LOVE.

    Barb and Patrick chose to get married on the very property where they met and have enjoyed so many great times together with Patrick’s family. So it only made sense to shoot some engagement photos taking in the view, the house and the very beach where they first felt the sparks fly. I love the indoor photos of them relaxing together!

    Their wedding day is going to be epic. Stay tuned for teasers and a full preview sometime very soon!

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