Elope at Ticklebelly Hill / Inspiration Shoot

There was a time when eloping looked like two lovers stealing away under the cloak of darkness, defying their parent’s wishes. Memories of an old movie depicting a young couple being married in a gas station by the local preacher/mechanic come to mind.  Or, a young couple eloped with haste to ward off public shaming when passion got the better of a young woman and she was seen kissing a man she was not married to (cue eye roll).

Today, in most cases, the reasons to elope and a couple’s elopement plans look altogether different.

After photographing many elopements over the past ten (10) years, I can say with some confidence that elopements are now well thought out. They are planned in advance, often include a few guests, and it’s rarely a secret.

Couples choose to elope because they want a remarkable ceremony but don’t feel the need to begin their married life with a large gathering.

Couples choose to elope because they’ve given themselves permission to make the day solely about themselves, their relationship, and the vows they want to make. They have released themselves from all other obligations.

Instagram has made the mountain top or highland elopement in Scotland, Italy, Newfoundland, or Whistler very popular choices for couples looking to elope, but not every couple desires this kind of adventure. For those choosing to elope right now, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, many couples will be looking to elope much close to home. 

Elope at Ticklebelly Hill

Some couples still envision their wedding ceremony at a venue that will take care of most of the details, can provide an indoor space for unfavourable weather, and provide celebratory refreshments for the few witnesses they have asked to be present as they make their commitment. With this in mind, Sarah from Ticklebelly Hill created a dream elopement concept to offer couples looking to elope in the St. Andrews area.

This past summer we pulled together a stellar team of vendors to create an inspiration elopement shoot to give couples a taste of what it could look like when they elope at Ticklebelly Hill. 

The Creative Team behind this gorgeous inspiration elopement shoot includes: Bridal Gown provided by Bella Promessa, Charcuterie by: The Five Kings Restaurant and Brewhouse, Cake by Sweetum’s Sweet Treats, Flowers by: The Peony and Pear, Hair Artistry by: