Eat More Tacos: A Family Connection Session

Honest, documentary family photographs is my passion. The more you forget about my camera and focus on being present with one another, the better your image will be. Here’s why:

Throughout the day, every day, human beings connect is simple ways. A mother waking her child from a nap and feeds him his favourite dinner – tacos. Or, a father arriving home from work to bribe his son with chocolate for a kiss. He plays guitar while his son dances or covers his ear before reading to him about Star Wars. It is even as simple as bath time and getting ready for bed.

There is something beautiful about these mundane, everyday moments, that will be taken for granted one day, or perhaps, the sweetness of will be forgotten. Whatever the moments are that bring families together, they are the moments that will shape their relationships, and the course of their lives as individuals – parents and children alike, and as a family. These moments, big and small, are an integral part of their heritage. And it is my passion to document these moments, without intervening or giving any direction.

It was my absolute pleasure to spend the afternoon and evening with this sweet family during a December trip home in Vancouver, BC.