Do I have to wear a mask during my wedding ceremony?

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Getting Married in New Brunswick during COVID-19

Following the announcement in October that masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces in New Brunswick, I reached out to pretty much every government department (and my local MLA) that I was referred to in order to obtain some guidance for weddings in New Brunswick. In my emails, I specifically sought guidance for the wedding processional, the wedding vows, the wedding recessional, portraits being taken inside when necessary, and for the first dance. These are all intimate, joyful, and classic moments that couples share with each other, and for photo purposes, would be better captured sans masks.

After nearly six weeks of (discouraging) emails back and forth I finally received encouraging guidance from the New Brunswick Department of Health COVID-19 Public Enquiries Team!

“Therefore, our advice is that the couple being married would be able to exchange their vows without masks if they can maintain 4 metre distance from those in attendance at the wedding… Individuals from the same households can be together without masks (for picture for example) if individuals from outside of their family are 2 metres away” – New Brunswick Department of Health COVID-19 Public Enquiries Team”

However, as indicated in the email which I’ve posted in full below, whether masks can be removed for certain moments during the wedding day will depend on the venue’s operational plan, which has to be approved by Public Health.

Additionally, as we all know, the rules are always changing. At the time of writing this blog post, the Saint John region (Zone 2) is back in orange, and masks are now required outdoor in all public places. I have, again, reached out to Public Health to receive guidance on how this will affect weddings and outdoor portrait sessions. My hope is that the same advice will be given for outdoor weddings and portrait sessions as we received for indoors.

Masks are a part of our reality now but as you can see, they do nothing to stop the fun, joy, and excitement to look forward to on your wedding day.

Disclaimer: the rules are always changing and this information could be outdated already. I merely share it right now because it’s all the information we have to go on. Please always refer to the government website for the latest information and contact your venue for what their operational plan allows.

Do I have to wear a mask during my wedding ceremony?

Below is the email reply I received:

Good evening Ms. Pringle,