Daniel & David’s UBC Rose Garden Wedding

Two men dressed in groom suits see each other for the first time on their wedding day and are emotionl

It’s been one year since Daniel and David stood together in the Rose Garden at UBC in Vancouver and became husbands. With the backdrop of the BC coastal mountains, Dan and Dave exchanged vows, signed their marriage license, and were pronounced legally married.

I knew when I photographed their engagement photos that their wedding day would be the most incredible day. Dan, a native of Ontario Canada, and David a native of Melbourne Australia, both had family and friends travel from all over the world to share this happy day with them. From beginning to end it was the happiest and most emotional rollercoaster of joy.

I’ve been thinking about what I would say when I finally sat down to share my favourite highlights from their wedding day and yet I can’t see, to pull all the words out of my brain. Their wedding was just…everything.

Their Rose Garden ceremony moved me and reminded me of my privilege as I watched these two become legally married, knowing both men grew up in countries that only recently legalized same-sex marriage (2005 in Canada; 2017 in Australia). Their excitement for being married transported me back to the surrealness of my own wedding day. The support of their friends and family and the excitement they exuded reminded me of why a wedding (big or small) is such an important “right of passage” in a couple’s life together.