Centrebeam Place Wedding, Uptown Saint John

Classic romance in meets a heck of a lot of emotion in this industrial Uptown Saint John wedding.

I LOVE photographing weddings at unique venues and this wedding in Uptown Saint John is no exception! After searching Saint John wide for the perfect venue for their wedding celebration Lindsey and Jonathan found the space of their dreams in an empty office Centrebeam Place in Uptown. It fit the bill for Lindsey’s vision of having an industrial space! It featured beautiful exposed brick walls and pretty much nothing else, it was a decorator’s dream to work on!! And, with the talents of Jason Roy and his team at Unico Decor, and the organizational skills of Natasha Barton, this wedding became a photographer’s dream to photograph.

But also…

The emotion. THE EMOTION. The emotion.

I think every photographer will agree that what makes a wedding day truly astounding to and captivating to photograph is the emotion that our couples will share with us. This is the real element that I think creates a perfect picture wedding day. Yes I just spend the first paragraph gushing about the venue and decor (let’s be honest, I love beautiful aesthetics and I nearly cried when I saw the space) but even the most beautiful wedding is nothing without the tears and laughter. And there was certainly a lot of both!