Best of 2018 / Wedding & Engagement Photography

To say this is a collection of my best work from weddings and engagements that I photographed in 2018 would be a lie. It’s simply a sampling because I after sharing so many remarkable moments and documenting the love of dozens of couples, to share ALL of my best or favourite images and moments would be overwhelming.

What this collection does represents is how beautiful LOVE is. Regardless of age, personal style, economical situation, geographical location, religion, sexuality etc… LOVE is the most beautiful. It is natural, innate and free. It has the power to bring people together from all over the world to celebrate IT and to witness IT. And LOVE is why I do this year after year, even when it’s hard and I think I want to give up (every job has it’s hard parts, get over it SMP).

This collection also represents things I was obsessed with this year as I challenged myself to photograph weddings days and engagement sessions with less control and more love. These things I was obsessed with this year are hands and feet and grandparents, using reflections or mirrors to help tell a story, documenting details in a way that tells a story rather than just hanging a dress in a tree (though I did that too), capturing images that document connection between others – not just the couple and embracing the intentional imperfections in my images (grain, motion blur, soft focus).

I’d love for you to make it through the whole collection, but it’s large so I completely understand if you can’t! I just couldn’t narrow it down any further. I guess that is a good problem to have, yeah? Thank you to my amazing assistants this year. A few of the images in this year’s collection were shot by second shooters and I am so proud to have them working by my side! (btw: at the bottom of this post are a few more shout outs in case you’re wondering who helped make this another great year).

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