Best of 2017 | Engagements and Families

A curated collection of my “favourite” engagement and family portraits.

By favourite I mean the ones that I am most proud of and that represent the kinds of images I strive to create. The photographs that show the personalities of the people that I love to work with. And the photographs that simply bring a smile to my face every time I look at them.

This collection began with over 200 portraits of love, life and connections between the couples and families I had the pleasure of working with this past year. After many, many rounds of curating the images I narrowed down the selections to just over 100. I try to be a minimalist but clearly I am not great at it!

To those I photographed: thank you for dancing in the rain, laughing at my silly jokes, trusting me when I asked you to do weird things, rolling up your pants and standing in the ocean, being yourselves and sharing your all with me. Your lives and the connections you share with those you love are the reason I do what I do and inspires me so much to keep at it!

View my best of weddings collection here.

engagement photos in the rain
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