Best of 2016 Wedding Photography

These are my best wedding photographs from 2016. Well some of them anyway!!

I don’t know actually know if these are the best of the best. I was fortunate to work with so many incredible Couples this year  and photographed so many stunning and diverse weddings that is was a hard, two-month long process to narrow down thousands of the images to these 199+. Yup. 199+ is the best I could narrow them all down to. What I do know is that each of the photographs stood out to me because of the emotional content, the colours and lighting, the composition, the  uniqueness of the moment captured, the trust and freedom I was given to create the photograph, or simply because I have an emotional attachment to the image.

Going through every wedding I photographed in 2016 and selecting images to share here in a curated collection was such a great experience, and makes me so excited to be sharing weddings days with another twenty-four (24) couples this year. And, it makes me even more excited for my own wedding day in September and to have a collection of portraits and photographs full of the emotions and moments that I will share with my new husband, and our friends and family.

THANK YOU to my awesome second shooters this season – the hilarious Stephanie and my funny-guy Scott. I do not want to photograph a wedding day without you guys by my side! This gallery contains a few of their awesome photographs.