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The Best Engagement Photography of 2016 in New Brunswick, Canada

A collection of some of my best engagement photography from 2016. Like my best-of wedding post, I don’t know if these represent my best work, but these images are definitely among my favourite engagement photographs for 2016.

What were my criteria for selecting these images… if the image put a smile on my face or made me feel proud of my work it made the cut. That’s it!

I could probably do a better job of curating my gallery of engagement photographs, be a little more cutthroat or a little particular about the technicalities of what makes a great image. But at the end of the day it’s the emotion of the people that I am photographing that makes me love what I do, so it only makes sense that I would “judge” my photographs this way too! (Of course, if a photograph truly is bad – poor exposure, missed focus, poor composition, etc, it wouldn’t even make it into my client's gallery!).

This year’s engagement sessions took me all over Southern New Brunswick and along the Bay of Fundy and included sunrises, sunsets, beautiful cliffs and ocean views, a creative proposal, a gorgeous red dress, and so much love expressed through hugs, stolen glances, hand holding, snuggling, goofing off and dancing.

Sigh. I really love my job (I know I say this all the time, but putting together a collection of my best engagement photography is a great reminder for me).


Best Engagement Photography New Brunswick
Best Engagement Photography New Brunswick
Best Engagement Photography New Brunswick
Best Engagement Photography New Brunswick

You’ve been much much more than a photographer; you’ve been a guide, a source of support, an expert, and a friend.


You are so talented and we are so lucky that we were able to work with you. Thank you for making the experience so special for us.

Your advice, tips and guidance along the way have meant a lot and were so appreciated especially as we navigated uncharted territories (professional photos lol). We always knew we were in the best hands with you.



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