Best of 2015: Wedding Photos

I had no idea how difficult choosing photographs to include in my best of 2015 weddings post would be. I started with nearly three hundred photos and kept whittling the number of photographs down to a more “reasonable” number of one hundred twenty-five. Phew. And, if I’m being honest, I don’t even know if these constitute my best.  What I do know is that I am definitely emotionally attached to so many of these images, many of which immortalize fleeting moments that I remain feeling privileged to have witnessed and captured. From sideways glances, to laugh out loud smiles, to proud parent moments, to beautiful details so lovingly planned and executed, to tears of happiness and joy, to romance and love. Each image chosen means something to me and connects me to the couples I had the fortune to work with this past year.

Enjoy reliving the magic of 2015’s wedding season!

Best of 2015 Weddings001
Best of 2015 Weddings002
Best of 2015 Weddings003
Best of 2015 Weddings004
Best of 2015 Weddings005