Best of 2015: Engagement Photos

Once again, I spent a year photographing the most beautiful people ever in some of the most beautiful locations around New Brunswick, most in St. Andrews by-the-Sea. This post is a collection of my best engagement photos of 2015. It was hard to narrow it down to only sixty-one images but I didn’t want to obliterate the internet so I kept culling and culling and culling until was left with this collection, which I feel represents the best of my work from the last twelve months and the kind of images I wish to continue to create for others as I head into 2016. I’d love to know you thoughts so please leave a comment!

SMP Best of 2015 Engagements51
SMP Best of 2015 Engagements01
SMP Best of 2015 Engagements02
SMP Best of 2015 Engagements03
SMP Best of 2015 Engagements04
SMP Best of 2015 Engagements05