Backyard Wedding in Kensington, PEI // Catherine & Trent

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Everything I love about photographing weddings can be summed up in Catherine and Trent’s gorgeous wedding on Trent’s family farm on Prince Edward Island. The wedding itself was fun, laid back, unique to Catherine and Trent’s personal style and  featured the talents and contributions of so many family and friends, including but not limited to the potatoes and ceremony music!

Scott and I drove up early on the Friday before Catherine and Trent’s wedding to meet with them and do some location scouting for their portraits. Catherine and Trent took a little over an hour out of their time to show us around and I wouldn’t trade that time with them for anything. Up to that point we had only Facetimed and I knew then they were a warm, open-hearted couple, but getting to spend some time with them, getting to know them more and checking out the gorgeous seaside where Trent grew up made me ever-more excited for their wedding day. I honestly felt like I was there to photograph a friend’s wedding.

I am always a little anxious on a wedding day. Photographing a wedding is a big responsibility and my mind is often going a mile a minute thinking about what will happen next, trying to remember special photo requests, remembering people’s names examining the light, navigating many different personalities, pre-visualizing this shot and that shot, as well as making sure I am taking the necessary precautions to care for my gear throughout the day – especially the memory cards!!! When I photograph a wedding in a new town I am even more anxious!!!! But Catherine and Trent, and their incredible tribe of family and friends were so incredible to work most of my anxieties melted away. Even when it began to POUR when we were doing wedding party pictures everyone remained happy, joyful and happy to be in the moment with their best friends.

This blog post has a lot (A LOT) of photographs. I am so emotionally attached to this wedding it was an impossible task to narrow down the selection. There are so many happy faces of people that my little heart fell in love with this day, and so many great moments, I just couldn’t not share them!

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