An Afternoon spent with Elle & Ava

I knocked on the door of the Rothesay family home and was immediately greeted by the little misses, Elle and Ava, and their fur-sister Brooke (and their mama Shannon, too, of course!). And for the next six hours, my time was consumed with documenting a day in the life of these two little girls, with the mom in tow.

I followed them along as they struggled to dress themselves, demand some snacks, play with the balloons from their mom’s recent birthday celebration, play and colour in their playroom, get adventurous at their local park, have some snuggle time in their parent’s bed, watch their mom get ready for a party, greet their daddy when he came home from work and eat some butter chicken for dinner. All in all it was a busy day for these two little babes.

I was so happy to partner with Kirsten Stanley on this particular shoot. We came up with the idea last winter, to offer an all-in-one experience of photography and videographer and I can’t wait to do more them! Scroll to the bottom to make sure you watch the video. It is so perfect and Kirsten did such an amazing job created this “home video” for this sweet little family.